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December School

December school… as you can see, it’s cold enough to wear gloves when we are outside!  To anyone in Washington, I’m sorry.  It’s beautiful here!

This girl is lovely, and spunky, and fun.  I think you can tell 😉

We had exams last week.  In a way that maybe no one will understand, it was fun!  They are learning!  Whew.  I saw and heard things that made me happy. 🙂 These kids are just a delight to teach (most days…I mean we all have our days).  Okay, enough about that.

Now…we are doing December school. This is where we go insane, randomly stare out the window, mutter to ourselves about mailing presents and writing the Christmas letter, finish projects, books, or what have you, that I don’t want to drag into our next term.

We finished Corrie Ten Boom.  I heard this: “NO.  I can’t believe it’s over.  That is the best book I’ve ever listened to.  Can I keep this book for my own? ”  (I am not making this up, they all felt that way.)  That lady…we were amazed at the hardships she faced bravely.  I got teary every time I read the quote by her dying sister Betsie ” You must tell them (all people, not the least of all, their enemies the Nazis) ‘There is no pit so deep that God’s love is not deeper ‘ “.   Uh huh.  My faith is wimpy.

This is what Josh does on his breaks: Bear pulley


Pretends to be a Star Nosed Mole, like the one he saw in the National Geographic that freaked him out and maybe gave him nightmares. Or not, I really am not allowed to say.


We also go on Nature walks.  And bring stuff home.  To look at, to draw, and to trip over.



This particular walk involved identifying Turkey Vultures UP CLOSE, (yikes) getting mom to break off a branch of red berries “Mom, did you bring your scissors?”  Me: “Contrary to what you might think about me, I do NOT always carry a pair of scissors.”  In breaking the branch off, I poked an impressively perfect hole in my finger.  One child kept asking to look at the hole and would then get the shivers. 🙂  I love him.


My hope for December school was to slow down.  To take a minute to look and think and wonder about the miracle of this time of year.  So far, not good.  The slowing down part.  Oh well, we think as we go.  We are memorizing Luke 2 right now.  It has some good lines.  “And she was GREAT with Child…” that cracks them up.


  1. I treasure these Mary. So glad you are loving this journey. Looking forward to seeing the Dutch contingency. Love you all.

  2. You lied. You ARE perfect! Love you 🙂

  3. Mary! This is great! I love your blog! Also…tell Josh that I saw the same (or its 25 year old equivalent) picture in NG of the mole and had nightmares too! Creepy. Love you all!

  4. He does a great mole.

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