This bonding and attachment thing has been one of the craziest things I’ve experienced. I mean, four new people in our family all needing to feel that they belong here, all at once. Some days it feels like our whole family is on a giant emotional roller coaster.

Some hours, days and weeks are good, and others…not so much.

After a particularly long and difficult day recently, I was making the bedtime rounds, and boy, was I feeling glad to have made it to that point in the day!

But then I came face to face with some big brown eyes, looking at me very seriously.  A little voice said: “will you call me baby?” I laughed. Of course I’d call him baby. But he had more to say: “Will you say ‘hi baby’, and ‘I love you baby’, like you do sometimes?”

Ah, yes. Like I do sometimes.

So I said “hi baby, and I love you baby, and I think I’d better tickle you, baby”.

And there was much giggling.

Later, as I left that room, it struck me that it’s a bit of a basic human condition. We’d all like to be safe and cozy, and have someone to call us ‘baby’.

So, grab someone next to you and say…

“I love you, baby”.