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How to have a Happy Valentine’s Day


So. There’s this thing with women on Valentine’s Day…

For a day that’s all about celebrating love, it can sure take a weird turn for the ugly sometimes.

If you don’t have a special someone, it can seem like you can’t have a good day since nobody is paying attention to you.

(Since this isn’t my experience right now, I won’t say much. Just know that I am sympathetic!)

It can be easy to romanticize being married or dating on this day, because women who have a “special someone” are of course showered with love and attention.


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“all settled happiness”


Art by Shirley Hughes

At times it’s tempting to wonder if the efforts we make to serve our families are worth the trouble.

We might be tired of being relied on for comfort, stability and cheerfulness. Sometimes we want to give up on creating an environment of comfort and peace for our people.

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