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for the mothers

I hope all of you mothers have a wonderful weekend!

This post is very similar to the Valentine’s Day post, with the proper adjustments, so this will be brief:

We can’t forget that the way to have a wonderful Mother’s Day is to forget all about ourselves!

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the children

These are days I’m pretty sure our family will never forget.

Adding four small children to our family (for however long they stay) has been life altering for sure! Because I am not able to share many details about these children on the blog, I’ll share a few words that have given me some encouragement.

So much craziness around here.

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How to have a Happy Valentine’s Day


So. There’s this thing with women on Valentine’s Day…

For a day that’s all about celebrating love, it can sure take a weird turn for the ugly sometimes.

If you don’t have a special someone, it can seem like you can’t have a good day since nobody is paying attention to you.

(Since this isn’t my experience right now, I won’t say much. Just know that I am sympathetic!)

It can be easy to romanticize being married or dating on this day, because women who have a “special someone” are of course showered with love and attention.


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twelve hours in England

Well, before years fly by, I thought I’d better tell you about our little stop-over in England last summer. Like many of my stories, the ones I keep giggling over are the ones I should probably blog about.

On the way to Albania last June, we had a layover in England. We knew that the stop coming home would be longer, so we didn’t plan to do much besides eat and sleep. That turned out to be a very good thing.

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idiot husbands

Now wait a second before you get all upset.

Are husbands idiots? No?

Think about how we look at and speak to them on occasion. (Sometimes regularly.)

Could we conclude from the way we give them that glare and eye-roll, or from the thinly veiled disgust in our voice that we sometimes treat our guys like idiots?

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Can our traditions handle the “Magic of Tidying”?

Last week I wrote about Marie Kondo and her best-selling “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”.

Her methods actually were a little life-changing…they inspired the courage to finally get rid of things that were wasting my time and energy.

But as I have gone through our home getting rid of things, something has come to my mind over and over again.

That little thing called balance.

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