The Dutch Rush

They're Dutch and Life's a Rush

I wish I could remember what happens in a day.

But there is too much.  I call my Mom and can’t even remember what happened yesterday, forget all of last week!

So, for Mom. And other various family and friends who are curious about what really goes on around here (and know how imperfect I am).  I’ve been so inspired by my friend Alli’s blog. Thank goodness most of you don’t know Alli, so you don’t know how I won’t measure up to her pictures and inspiration!

I commented to a friend that we must be the most irreverent pastor’s family EVER. She just looked at me…and kindly assured me that she knew of worse.

Tonight as I made dinner, I overheard “DAD, you don’t even know where Herzegovina is?”(They were all playing Seterra, a Geography game on the computer).  Michael was yelling, “Just a minute, I’m working on it” Joel “look at the flashing dot Dad, it’s trying to tell you where to go…”  The tables turned when Michael started to get the upper hand. Possibly not in Europe 😉

At dinner…Alyssa was practicing her mad skills at eating like a LADY as only a 12 year old girl can.

And here is Michael impersonating Joel who for some unknown reason, dumped an entire cup of water in his lap at dinner…

Yes, I know the pictures are dark and somewhat blurry.  They’re on my phone, I’ll think about figuring that out.

I am just really grateful for these people. Every day. They make me laugh, and I love them, the end.

2 thoughts on “They’re Dutch and I rush. Around. Constantly. Hence.

  1. Beth Gill says:

    Can believe every word of it. Love the comment about a pastor’s family. So reassuring. 🙂 Love you all very much.

  2. Angie says:

    Mary, you’re blogging!?? I love it. More, more . . . .

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