The Dutch Rush

They're Dutch and Life's a Rush

Blah. I will admit I don’t love January. No offense to Michael and any other people born in this confounded month.  An optimistic person I know who I may have glared at after he mentioned this, tells me to just think of it as a wonderful fresh start.  Gah.  I know, I’m crazy, cause who wouldn’t want a fresh start, right?  But for instance…

Everything starts back up, only not so cheery. People are sick and there isn’t a pretty christmas tree to look at while you barf. (Unless you can see our back deck, which I hope you can’t). (edited to mention that you can no longer see a tree on our back deck thanks to Michael and the boys).

We quit coffee again.  Michael said something about being healthier…I figured what’s good for the goose is good for the gander or something like that. These cold non-cheery mornings with no coffee.  Brr.

But, generally we have gotten back on the blasted track. I’ve made bread, I’ve gotten the kitchen dirty (I read last week that kitchens are suppose to get dirty daily, cause that means you’re making food for your family daily…okay…got that one covered…I think it’s implied that I was also suppose to clean it every day after getting it dirty), I’ve stocked the fridge, cleaned the fridge etc, etc, etc.

I’ve also decided to get rid of everything. Yes, I know. So unrealistic. But there’s so much stuff!  And then when I get rid of “everything”, someone goes and makes more.  But isn’t he great?



Do you see the eye?  It kills me when he’s wearing this and talking the whole time of course, and I see those precious brown eyes moving back and forth.  I just had to take a picture to show you.


I think he can relate to me missing December, he just made a belated manger scene and star with a garland for the boys room. Yes…in their room, I let them put tape anywhere, and everywhere. Yolo, or something, right?

We’ve also helped out at our place to help.  Bonus points if you can find Josh’s head…


I am constantly amazed at how much fun kids have when they’re helping. We try to go weekly to volunteer at a local thrift store that benefits overseas missions.  Some adults (me), are just hurrying through life, sometimes just trying to get things done, NOT having fun, and then I turn around and see this 🙂 Leave it to them to work hard AND have a blast.

Someone got braces.  She’s even adorable in braces…



Everything has to be cleaned of course, cause when it’s christmas you skip cleaning the bathroom in favor of baking more cookies or whatever.  And then suddenly you wake up one grumpy morning in January to find DUST and DIRT and OTHER STUFF everywhere.

Then there is the issue of the cat bathroom. I mean the half bathroom. The room of the house I avoid at all costs. Hopefully at least one person reading this will know what I mean. The cat loves (I can’t believe I even have a cat, I was not meant to own a cat) to climb up and lay in the window of the half bathroom. She’s fatter than the windowsill but somehow she sleeps there at night.



She knows I hate that.  She does it to bug me.  I hate it because she gets the sink HORRIDLY dirty several times a day doing this and I am not cleaning that sink (also the wall and the windowsill) several times a day. I have tried keeping the door closed, but she can open the door. And I’ve tried locking the door, but other members of the family have an issue with me locking the door since some of them wait too long to go to the bathroom, and barely make it in there as it is…and then the door is locked.  Anyone can see that this is not an ideal situation.  So.  Anyway, my genius solution is to never go in there.

But…I can’t stay away.


Cause that’s where I put the bathroom calendar.

I put one in there last year with a pen so anyone can write ANYTHING they want on it. 🙂 Yes, anything.  There are some hilarious things on that calendar, I’ll just say that.  It makes me smile.  It cheers me up.  Even in January.

I guess we rallied. I mean…we’ve almost made it to February.

After all, our friends finally moved to town and we get to hang out like people who live in the same town again, it’s beautiful outside for days at a time, we’ve almost kicked our third round of sick in four weeks, I finally braved the creepy part of the garage…someone put the treadmill right where the spiders are…and then that Someone cleared out all the spiders so I can run again.  He’s my hero.

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