The Dutch Rush

They're Dutch and Life's a Rush

It’s Saturday. So that means laundry. Just knocked out 5 loads.

I’ll tell you a secret: One of the things that helps me get past the boredom of folding laundry is matching one of Michael’s old socks with a new sock. (Especially when he thinks he has thrown all of his old ones away…) Anyone who does not know Michael will not be amused. But it makes me giggle. A lot. Enough to distract me from Mt. Laundry.

Saturday also means going on a run, and baking bread. And cleaning the house. And cleaning the garage…

And taking pictures of random things for your enjoyment.

photo 1

Like these Hunks changing the oil. Aren’t they great?


And this, for instance. Grr. (Yes, A is for Alyssa, Mom is for…me.)

photo 2 (3)

Also this, apparently someone was listening a little too well during the Good Friday and Easter services. I had banned it’s use…but Michael used his position as Head of the House to overrule me…I see another ER visit in my future. (If you can’t tell, he made a whip using nails taped together.)

photo 1 (3)

Now here’s a funny one. Josh got a little creative during his math time…that is me at the top (that is hair, not ears). Those are cows with me. He’s right, I love to watch cows. On trips I have to try my best not to pull the car over to sit and stare. My kids hate this, and I don’t blame them. I really don’t like it about myself either. It does bring me back to my childhood. Dad and I sitting, watching the cows. Soooo weird.


Just to prove my insanity, I’ll include this one, it’s a few years old. But a very memorable time of cow-hunting. I mean any animal that can run while defecating has to be impressive…

photo 3

And this one. This story is hilarious! We read the short version and wow. Now I know why there are “donkeys” all over the cover! Now we are moving on to actually reading parts of the play aloud…this will be good, I can tell.

photo 4

And here is a small perk to being a Pastor’s wife. I get to borrow branches off of the tree at church (shhh). Isn’t it beautiful? (There are a lot more perks to being the Pastor’s wife I realize…I’m in the process of writing about them. But every time I think of posting, it just seems too silly. Someday, maybe.)

photo 5

Here is the new pillow cover and throw blanket I got at our recent horrific trip to Ikea. If only I had taken a picture of Michael’s face while we were there. He only makes that face while he’s in Ikea, and for about an hour afterwards…I missed my chance. Maybe next time!

Happy Saturday.

2 thoughts on “Saturday

  1. Brad says:

    The things you notice and remember are beyond my range of imagining. You are wonderful! And I love you, Dad

    1. admin says:

      Thanks Dad, I love you too 🙂

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