The Dutch Rush

They're Dutch and Life's a Rush

100_2469As we can all agree, a lot happens between your first anniversary and your 14th anniversary.

For us it’s been like Toad’s Wild Ride.


There have been children and moves and school and more than a few fights.

Love covers a multitude of sins though. That is true.

I remember being so amazed that Michael would marry me. I was so grateful.

Then life happened.


But amid all the teasing, arguing, nose pinching, toe pulling, mission trips, youth “retreats”, pranks, moves, 84,000 meals to cook, socks to fold, ironing, et blankety cetera…I still cannot BELIEVE Michael would marry me. I am SO GRATEFUL to that man.

He is still amazing. He ages well, I think. He’s my hero. He has carefully, thoughtfully, and graciously led our family to where we are today. And today is good.


He’s quite romantic. I won’t bore you with all the details. But I will say, romance has evolved for us.

Early on romance meant gifts, Pepsi, flowers, chocolate, letting me go to the book store without babies, etc.

Now I’m a bit more practical (don’t anyone freak out, he still does those things too), but maybe, just maybe I’m getting easier to please in my old age. I told someone a few days ago that Michael gave me the most romantic gift ever (this could be a slight overstatement, that’s kind of normal for me)…he helped me navigate the DMV website the night before my birthday so my license wouldn’t expire. Apparently, the DMV takes renewal a little more seriously than I do, and would have required a visit from me on my birthday, of all days. Can you see why this man is the hero? Anybody?

He also does terribly romantic things like getting up to let the stupid cat in when she’s clawing on our screen after we’ve all gone to bed. Or, going to the garage for me when it’s too dark for me to go myself…or going to the store when his ridiculous wife lets us run out of milk. (Running out of anything is my nemesis. Grrr, that bugs me so bad, and then it’s like extra punishment because we have to pay extra usually since it’s not on sale. GAHHHHH.) Or, like last night…are you ready? He did the dishes. He does this regularly now, when I’m tired or sick or what have you. Whoa. Not only did he do dishes, he sent me to bed and asked if he could get me anything. Swoon. No, SWOON.

So much to be grateful for. I have been so blessed. I’m not sure why, but God has been so gracious to me. It’s pretty humbling.

Happy Anniversary Michael.


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