The Dutch Rush

They're Dutch and Life's a Rush

Here’s one last lazy summer pic for everyone. I love it. I bet hanging out under a broken card table is pretty awesome.


I will start this off by admitting… My Imperfections of Magnificent Proportion:

This week one of my guests got her arm stuck to my counter.

Yep. That’s how it sounds in my head, at least. In all honesty, she kind of peeled her arm off of my counter. We were standing there chatting and in my fog, I realized too late to actually say anything, that I had quite the sticky counter. She is a gracious woman. She said nothing. Every time I think about it, I start laughing.

And it is a perfect snap shot of my week.

Unfortunately I realized (again, too late) that I was quite sick and had no business having company over on Monday and again on Tuesday. Thankfully I don’t think anyone got sick.

It was also the first week of school. Happy school everyone.


100_2519Yep, Josh is wearing a sweatshirt, and yes it was about 148 degrees outside by 8 am…

So anyway, this was a sneakily awful cold.

It was the kind of sick that made the kids ask hopefully if I was “too sick to have school today?”.

They said that every day this week.

Nope. We did a good bit of school with me in pajamas…nobody cared. A lot of school was done from the couch. By Friday afternoon, none of us wanted to see or talk to anyone, so we decided that school was over for the week. Everyone thought that was a fantastic idea.

We are mostly happy about our new books. Right now we are on our way through Wind in the Willows, which to me has seemed like a hopelessly boring book, but we are having a pretty good time eating lunch in our park-like front yard, (read: I am bribing them with food to listen to me) reading this silly book. One of my favorite quotes so far is this: “Conversation was impossible for a long time and when it slowly resumed, it was that regrettable sort of conversation that results from talking with your mouth full.”

(Apparently most of my conversations at meal times are the regrettable kind.)

I should also mention that I am realizing that Badger was an introvert. (I don’t know why I should mention that.)


One morning, Alyssa decided I needed to have breakfast in bed. That is worth waiting 13 years for, what a sweetie!

I kept thinking “I’d better keep going, tomorrow might be worse”.

Then we ran out of bread.

For normal people this is not a big deal.

For people who make their own bread, who are also sick, and who haul themselves to the grocery store during stinking karate lessons to BUY some bread…well, THEY are absolutely shocked to find that even just halfway decent bread is about $4 a loaf. I decided we’d made it this long, no use breaking down and buying a loaf. I did buy some buns to get us through a few more lunches till I could manage to make bread.

(For some odd reason I have no problem buying buns. But not bread. I guess buns don’t try to advertise themselves as nutritious. They’re just white fluff. No nutritional value at all, so they don’t seem like they are trying to be something they’re not.)

There are a few things I hate. (Sort of like that chapter in Proverbs, only way less biblical.)

One of them is Running Out Of Things.

I hate it so much that (almost) every time I start using the “last one” of something, I put it on the list and MUST buy it on my next trip to the store. Like when I’m halfway through the dish soap on the kitchen sink, and every. single. time. I use any soap I am internally freaking out because I’m halfway through the backup. So, yeah, it’s a little weird. Maybe I’m not alone…

It makes sense though, because life has taught me that sometimes it’s a VERY bad day to go to the store…and in that case, when we run out of dish soap, we will just go ahead and use shampoo to wash the dishes…or not wash the dishes, or some other good idea.

And then as if to punish me…I have found that things aren’t always on sale, and it makes me crazy to pay $1.50 for ONE roll of paper towels, when I had walked right past the “8 pack for $3.98” paper towel sale last week! AHHHHHHHHH!

Quite ironically a few months ago I was telling Alyssa about all of this. About how when you run a house, you have to always buy two of something when you’re out, and if you’re not out, make SURE you have a back up.

And that very day, we ran out of milk.


And then she knew for sure if she had hung onto any doubt before…that her mother was Crazy. Nuts. Insane. And she just smiled at me. And said, “isn’t this what you were just talking about?”…

Yeah. That’s exactly what I was talking about.

I should now add that we are out of sugar.

PS. If it’s bugging anyone, this was all about LAST week, I didn’t realize it was already Wednesday. I wrote most of this on the weekend but was too busy being sick/making bread to post anything…

4 thoughts on “Reality Check

  1. We are on a once-a-month income, so I am of the same school…always a backup. Buy in packs whenever possible. And I bake our bread, usually, but the heat with humidity is overbearing so I sometimes buy. My favorite is called Prairie Bread from Whole Foods. (is the heat there dry?)
    I love reading what you write, be blessed and healthy…Shalom, paula

    1. admin says:

      Thank you Paula! Yes, the heat here is dry. And most people here have air conditioners 🙂

  2. Amy says:

    This kinda made me cry. It was so encouraging. Misery loves company, I guess. Thanks for not being perfect, too. 🙂

    1. admin says:

      Thanks 😉

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