The Dutch Rush

They're Dutch and Life's a Rush

I had an amazing idea this summer to do a “project week” after every six weeks of school. (Yes, I will still get all of my weeks in…have no fear)


I was thinking it would be a great change of pace from our normal schedule each day. I would let the kids choose their own projects to do while I was off getting things back on track.

I have the best intentions.

But somewhere  in my head the warning bells started going off a few days before the first project week began. They started when I reviewed my list of all the important things I was going to get done in a week, and the people I was going to have over since I don’t have time to invite them on a normal week. Here is a small bit of what I planned or fell into:

1. Get in shape. Duh. Of course that would only happen on project week.

2. Make Alyssa’s curtains (I don’t sew, but I am trying to save money, and besides, how hard could a straight line be?) (hard).

3. Wash all sheets (this is my quarterly sheet bonanza). Just kidding. Sort of.

4. Hem the boys curtains that have been three inches uneven for past two and a half years. Use the hot glue gun if necessary. (it was necessary)

5. Have a bunch of people over, cook for them, but be sure to schedule a meeting with someone else three hours before those other people come over, and then cook for the 2 hrs in between that while I have my other friend over for a little visit.

6. Keel over.

7. Start a different sewing project, because yes, I can sew in a straight line apparently.

8. Have more friends over for dinner.

9. Sit and stare at the wall.

10. Wash 25 loads of laundry, but don’t fold any of it.

The kids meanwhile had an excellent week. They finished a few books, made things, wrote stories, and generally stayed out of my way…because they can see that crazy look in my eye a mile away. They were in bliss.


Josh is studying the Wright Brothers, and decided to make their plane. He looked at three different books to try to be accurate.


Fast forward to this “project” week.

I made my list of important things to do…checked it twice and promptly got sick.

It was some stupid virus that made even the very simplest of activities seem like wading through cement.

So, in this situation, naturally, I made bread. Then went to bed, then did laundry, and went to bed. Then made some awful thing to eat and went back to bed.

You can see I’ve gotten a lot done this week.

Tuesday was monumental in the fact that I got myself to Walmart and the grocery store before we had our semi-annual county wide power outage.

I hate being sick AND being in Walmart.

I look at stupid things for a very long time. I’ll stand looking at hair nets, or nose rings, or car batteries until I catch someone looking at me out of the corner of my eye (I have terrible eyesight, but incredible peripheral vision that only comes after years of living with Michael)…then I stumble on to whatever else I was suppose to be buying. It’s horrible.

Then I got home and was unpacking the bags in the semi-dark (cloudy day, power outage), and ran into the freezer door. With my nose.

So I went back to bed.

The kids on the other hand are having an excellent week. They have read books, written letters, eaten way too much sugar, gone hiking, made things, made messes, cleaned up messes. They love project week.

By yesterday…I was well enough to write a letter to my friend (I think we were BFFs before that was a thing), make the famous “Fall” cookies, or I should say I watched the making of fall cookies, since we have a resident baker now…


100_2618100_2622I also managed to make an even more awful dinner than the previously mentioned one. After taking a gander at the crock pot, Michael was just too sweet, and suggested a quick trip to Burger King. Helpful Man.

But. I bounce back…like a jack rabbit.

(Sorry, got a rap song stuck in my head. It seems to be the favored music around here. And since there are music devices in most rooms of the house, my brain gets parts of Brandon Heath, Crazy frog and Lecrae turned into one song…I actually think the jack rabbit line isn’t in any of those I just mentioned.)

Which brings us to today…I made a list. I’m feeling pretty victorious. Because I got out of bed and…

Clipped my nails. Yeah. It was on the list. SO?

Why is it so hard to remember to clip nails? Maybe it’s just me.

Then, I wiped down all of those white cupboard doors in the kitchen in a systematic way, which is so not like me. I’m terribly impressed that I wiped them in order, because it is my tendency to get a little distracted and forget where I was…and then it really doesn’t look any better because I skipped every other cupboard.

I have just been informed that Josh and the cat have caught a mouse in a great collaborative effort. Wonderful. It has been named Tiny and is snacking on some moldy cheddar that the kids found in the fridge.

I really should clean out the fridge.

Anyhow. Hope this makes someone feel like they’ve had an extremely productive week.

Have a great weekend!

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