The Dutch Rush

They're Dutch and Life's a Rush

School is back.  I was going to write about it on the first day, but that feels like a long time ago.

There is currently a can of cheddar cheese Pringles in our pantry.  It explains a lot about last week.  I could have been talked into just about anything at the point that I was talked into buying CHEDDAR CHEESE PRINGLES.  Yuck.

It is hard for me to express what goes on around here…it’s hilarious. Sometimes I realize that we are a sort of crude.  But come on, a pastor’s family has to TRY to be so proper when we leave the house, we have to get our insanity out somewhere…

Anyhow.  That really wasn’t where I was going with this.

I keep thinking about this idea:

Teachers must teach from a flowing stream, and not from a stagnant pool.

I love that line and what it suggests about the responsibility of the teacher.

You can read the whole thought here.

So today.  It had the feel of a flowing stream.  So many ideas to ponder.  It refreshes my tired brain to think deeper thoughts than my own.  It lifts my spirits to laugh with my kids while we work with our felted wool.  Hey, don’t mock, it’s an art project.  We made several things that reminded us of  Dr. Seuss characters, but we are pretty good at putting out some fine balls…much laughing.  We were all so soapy, I couldn’t take pictures, but I took a picture in my head.  And I thought about the fact that I only get to hang out with these precious people for part of their lives.

photo (7)

That thing in the back is a raindrop. Trust me.

We worked in our Science notebooks.  Each child may choose what to draw from things we are currently studying in Science.  We are studying Gregor Mendel, who made a famous genetics discovery.  His patience with his work was striking, and he died before they discovered the significance of his work.  One child drew Mendel’s genetics chart from the book.  Another child is meticulously drawing the Periodic Table.  For fun.  There was a ruler involved.  I was impressed.  I would never have thought of using a ruler.  Another child drew Ursa Major, since we are also studying the constellations.

That took about an hour.  We call it “The meeting of the Idiots”, it happens once a week in the afternoon, and is accompanied by drinking soda (a rare event), and sometimes we listen to The Piano Guys.  Josh lost it when Darth Vader started playing the accordion. Lost it.  There was snot and soapy water everywhere.  If you have not watched The Piano Guys on youtube, I recommend watching their Star Wars song, preferably with an 8 year old.

Alyssa and I are reading David Copperfield.  So many bad decisions, so much sadness.  Lots to think about. In another book we have been reading about Gypsies, and how they have been treated.  I had no idea.  It led us on a internet search of gypsy homes.  Which of course led my mind to the gypsy wagon that Toad fitted out in Wind in the Willows.  Josh and I are reading about the founding of the Feudal System and the injustice that the Serfs suffered.  He gets a little fired up over that, as he does about most injustice.  Joel and I began Secrets of the Woods.  He would like to live in the country.

The kids and I are reading our second full Shakespeare play together.  Naturally, it would be The Taming of the Shrew.  We laugh a lot while we read Shakespeare.  Josh can now read a line or two with us, and that adds to the general hilarity of the time.  My favorite lines of what we read today:

And if the boy have not a woman’s gift

to rain a shower of commanded tears,

an onion will do well for such a shift

Oh really?  Commanded tears?  How dare you, Shakespeare?!!

Joel’s dictation today was about John Smith:

Many of the unruly sort were glad to see him go, but his old companions with whom he had shared so many dangers and privations were filled with grief.  “He ever hated baseness, sloth, pride and indignity,” said one of them.  “He never allowed more for himself than for his soldiers with him.  Upon no danger would he send them where he would not lead them himself.  He would never see us want what he either had or could by any means get us.  He loved action more than words, and hated falsehood and covetousness worse than death.”                                                          – This Country of Ours by Marshall

So we now know what privations are…(after I looked it up).

I love this quote for several reasons.  Mostly because it reminds me that this is the kind of man I married and is part of what makes him such a good leader.  It gives my son good things to think about as he goes off to play for the afternoon.  It also gives me ideas to think about as I go off to work for the afternoon.  Flowing streams, not stagnant pools.  It was a good day.

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