The Dutch Rush

They're Dutch and Life's a Rush

It’s tricky to not be very old, but sort of bossy, and to be talking/reading/thinking about marriage incessantly.

Sometimes I worry that I take the whole marriage thing a little too seriously.  But I am relieved when I read the Bible.  God takes it seriously too.

Michael has been preaching through Ephesians.  We are nearly to the marriage part in chapter 5.  It mentions that marriage gives us a picture of Christ and the Church.  If we’re honest, some marriages would turn people to Atheism in a heartbeat.

The good news is that through our very own marriages, we could share the gospel.  We can make an earthly relationship so glorious, that its comparison is spiritual.  It is meant to attract people to Christ!  That’s why the Bible teaches wives how to treat their husbands so they don’t malign the Word.  It’s kind of a big deal.

The implications are huge.  I like to do things that matter, and I love to multitask. It was great news to think that I could kill two birds with one marriage stone, so to speak.

Naturally, there is the benefit of being ridiculously happy together.  In addition, we show those around us (kids, friends, family, church, neighbors, random other people who stop by to say hi, chickens, the mailman, the UPS driver ) that people who are in love with each other are happy!  That we have something worth having.  It encourages others to work with what they have too.  It could make the gospel attractive to people who otherwise might not be interested.

I recently read a painful book.  About marriage.  Why do I read painful books?

The author beautifully defined love and marriage, but it cut deeply when she also showed that some of us have marriage without the love.

When that happens, hearts are broken.  The gospel is maligned.  Our children may want nothing to do with “biblical” marriage.  We hold the power to ruin both love and the gospel for the people around us.  Alternately, we could make it attractive and beautiful.  It would be wise to think carefully about who we are as wives.  Not out of fear, but out of love for our husbands.  It’s about the love.

We promised before God to love, honor, and cherish.  Then we get that ring on our finger, and some of us get a little lazy.  We refuse to be accountable to God or anyone else for the ways we slack off on the small things that make life beautiful.

It doesn’t have to be this way.  We can repent and run the other way.

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