The Dutch Rush

They're Dutch and Life's a Rush

After yesterday’s serious post, I had to throw this out there.  I feel it is my duty to sound the alarms. Get to the store, people!

If you are getting close to running out of Q-tips, get yourself to the store and get some.

I do realize that this town does clean up nicely for the holidays, and maybe every single person in the county had made plans for their annual ear cleaning.

I bet they had some sweet, clean ears for Turkey Day. There was a shocking amount of empty boxes that should have been holding hundreds of packs of Q-tips when I arrived at the store.  But no.

They were gone. Every last pack of Q-tips.  Gone.

Next I always suspect Pinterest.

What in the world is Pinterest up to now, that the entire countryside got up that morning, and rushed to the store to buy massive amounts of Q-tips?   Probably Q-tip wreaths.

But then I went back to the store this week.  And got one of the three packs that were left. I had to buy the expensive brand due to my lack of planning.  But then I looked down at the cotton balls…and they were gone.  Every single pack was gone.

I am talking about HUNDREDS of packs of cotton balls.  GONE.


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