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Merry Christmas from us…

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You may have noticed that this sort of thing usually gets  mailed to your home.  But I am a huge slacker.  So you get an even better version.  The “tear my hair out because I am leaving in a few hours, but first why don’t I sit down and write a few dumb things  version”.

So here you go.  Top 8 (8 is my favorite number, so I’m ditching the “10” this time) things my family said this year.  Speed round.

(My list this year has been heavily censored and shortened, as our children are now old enough to say some terrifically outrageous things. So this leaves us with the “pastor’s family rated” version.  You’re welcome.)

8.  After a large amount of waiting for her to remember what she was going to say, Alyssa finally remarked “I don’t think I forgot what I was going to say, I don’t think I was going to say anything…”

7. “Mom, you’re like a good marrow in Dad’s bones.” -Joel, after we read Proverbs 12:4         (A wife of noble character is her husband’s crown, but a disgraceful wife is like decay in his bones.)

6. Me: “I am happy to provide snacks tonight for small group (it was 5 minutes till small group), but I’d rather have a little advance notice.”   Michael: ” In order to give advance notice, there would have to be advance awareness.”

5. “This ice cream is terrible, it just follows your tongue around” – Alyssa

4. “Oh Mom, making Koek IS worth your while.” – Josh (with a mouthful of Koek)

3. “There are tons of reasons why I’m glad I’m not a lady…but I don’t yet know all of them” – Josh (I had just finished reading part of Little White Horse to Joel that had mentioned the girl had to sit up straight with her knees together because she was a lady. I asked Joel if he was glad he wasn’t a girl, and Josh answered for him.)

2. “I’m cleaning the world one sock at a time” -Michael, when I asked why he was bleaching just ONE of the boys socks.

1. “What’s for breakfast, Mom?  Are we having nice, big, juicy buns?  Cause I just saw some nice, big, juicy buns walk past me”. – Anonymous (to protect the guilty)

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Well, hopefully that makes up for my scandalous lack of mailing cards. Have a wonderful time with your families! Merry Christmas.

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