The Dutch Rush

They're Dutch and Life's a Rush

I figured it was time to introduce you to our newest dog…and update you on some of our mundane bits of life. Alert: bad phone photos throughout this post! Sorry!


Yes, we are the proud owners of not one, but two puppies. Jack is now a year old, but Henry our newest, is about four months. He’s cute, which is very good for him, as he has caused quite a bit of trouble…what with his love of eating shoes and books, barking at bugs, digging in the “off limits dirt pile”, and generally causing chaos and confusion. I suppose he fits right in around here.


The reason I am holding his face in most pictures is because getting this dog to sit still for a picture is similar to having Josh sit still for anything.


I apologize, terrible picture quality! My phone pictures get so blurry when I try to crop them, so there you go. Ugly shoe basket is a bonus.

Let’s see…what else is going on? Oh. I have a new garden, and it came with a gardener. Isn’t he quite the hunk? This is apparently how the Dutch garden…on their knees with scissors. (He would like me to mention that I was the one who planted those carrot seeds so close together…)




I assure you, by the next time I take a picture for you, there will be some beautiful grass where you see that dirt. We are in the middle of a back yard reclamation project. Kids and dogs have been banned from this small section until the grass is grown…by that tall, handsome grass grower.


We do let this child back there. Because she does calm things like write stories and illustrate them with water colors. She’s pretty wonderful.


Did I tell you we are going on a trip? We are visiting some of our church’s missionaries in Albania in a few weeks. Oh boy. Look out missionaries! We will spend the next few weeks trying to be proper and work on using our “inside voices”, and attempting to NOT scare/tickle everyone we come in contact with. (Ahem, Michael.)

This has been a very exciting/shocking turn of events for this non-globe trotter! We are all going, and even crazier…we will be using only backpacks, and will not be checking any luggage. I promise. I will document this with pictures. Yes, I know how I pack for a weekend. This is different. (We will be checking non-personal luggage on the way over to bring needed supplies to our missionaries.)

Recently, I read this great post and loved the idea of a family book. Reminiscent of the bathroom calendar, but on the counter so it’s more accessible to people who don’t happen to be using the bathroom. We have all enjoyed reading and using it so far. I chose a mild day to show you…but it is open to all, so if you come over, by all means, check it out!


And for the grand finale, I must tell you about my heroic dryer cleaner. He saved the day. I do not have a picture of this event, you’ll have to refer back to my Dutch gardener pictures.

It turns out that Someone had the misfortune of washing a curtain that had been hemmed with a hot glue gun…I think the person doing the hemming did not have the foresight to fathom the possibility of ever needing to WASH this curtain. Well, the fateful day came, and the curtain was washed as if it had never encountered hot glue…

But then my dryer looked like it had turned into a hot glued curtain of horror. These are the times I am just so glad that I do not ask Michael to do the silly things like vacuum, cook, and do laundry. Those are just plain boring. Because on days like this, I need a super hero who will sweat over my dryer with harsh chemicals. He fought the dryer and won! My HERO. I have offered to pay him back in some way, but he said that I do that every day by cooking and cleaning, and other stuff…

Isn’t he the best?!

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