The Dutch Rush

They're Dutch and Life's a Rush

Welcome to The Dutch Rush!

This blog was created to share with you the things that are important to me…

{Faith in a loving, all powerful God,  belief in the redemptive power of the Gospel, being the sort of wife Michael would choose to marry again, keeping the home, raising children, trying to be a respectable and sane pastor’s family, reading wonderful books, and enjoying a living education in the grand Charlotte Mason philosophy.}


In real life and on the blog, my thoughts tend to be pretty interconnected.

I can generally combine a conversation involving Leonardo da Vinci, Koek (dutch cake), Thoreau, running a 5k, the Swiss Alps, unconventional wives, Calvinism, and potty training methods. Yes, it’s messy in my head. But it works.

Michael and I chose this blog name together, because what I write tends to be a reflection of both of our lives. You might think of it as our attempt to show you how we try to be “heirs together in the grace of life”.

(I’m sure that’s what you thought of when you saw “Dutch Rush”…)

So here’s our little story…

I married a Dutchman when I was pretty young.

photo (5)

I think he’s wonderful.

2017-07-03 18.52.26

We had a few kids…


They are bigger now which is great, because they can all buckle themselves into the car, but sad, because they don’t look like that anymore.  Now they look like this:

FullSizeRender (3)

After those kids came along, life took some strange turns and we ended up in a very small town in Northern California. Through a series of interesting events, where each time, God showed Himself to be incredibly faithful, Michael went from being a youth pastor to a senior pastor.

He’s the kind of preacher you’d listen to just for fun.  And walk away and think about tough things for the rest of the week.

That would make me a pastor’s wife.  That thing I swore I would never do.

I suppose God was just waiting patiently to show me that it really isn’t about me, after all.


And then, because life wasn’t interesting enough, we adopted several children. Here they are.


They told us it was the happiest day of their life.

june 1st family pic

And THEN, Michael went back to being a youth pastor, you know, just to keep things interesting…


What I enjoy most about being a pastor’s wife or a youth pastor’s wife, is that I get to be Michael’s wife.  That sounds sappy, until you spend an afternoon with us…it would all become strikingly clear.




Because I sometimes take things a little too seriously, the fact that he can still make me laugh is priceless.

Because I love being random, here are a few facts about me:

  • I love to study and enjoy nature.
  • I do not love to iron.
  • I use the Charlotte Mason style of home education and I love it. In all that I’ve seen and read so far, I’m pretty convinced that I won’t find a better way to teach my children. I blog about all of that here.
  • I love being able to experience Charlotte’s motto: “Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life”.
  • I wear jeans…every day.  Unfortunately so much so, that people feel compelled to comment and ask if it’s a national holiday when I am caught in a skirt or dress. So I just go back to wearing jeans.
  • Coffee has an importance to me that I’m not so proud of.
  • I love to read.  A little too much.  For years I avoided fiction for fear my children would not survive.
  • I love to be alone.  If I could be alone next to a barn with a beautiful field of cows next to me, that would be about perfect.
  • I’m not daring.  Do not let this picture fool you.

photo 1 (3)

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