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It feels like they were always here

This is such a special time of year. It’s hard to believe that just a year ago, we were welcoming some very special people into our home. Into our life. It feels like they were always here.

They already “remember” last year, when we got out the baby Jesus, and the books, and the pretty decorations.

They love the thrill of knowing about a little place called Bethlehem.

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Crooked Paths

This year I have loved reading Amy Carmichael’s books. If we’re friends on facebook, or in real life, you’re probably a little sick of her. Oh well. I do try to balance things. But seriously. Sometimes an author just grabs us (me), and I have to tell everyone!

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“Be emptied of glory and right and name”

“But all through life I see a Cross,

Where sons of God yield up their breath:

There is no gain except by loss,

There is no life except by death,

And no full vision but by Faith

Nor glory but by bearing shame,

Nor justice but by taking blame;

And that Eternal Passion saith,

“Be emptied of glory and right and name”. ”

-W.C. Smith, as quoted in The Gold Cord, p.66

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“Will you call me baby?”

This bonding and attachment thing has been one of the craziest things I’ve experienced. I mean, four new people in our family all needing to feel that they belong here, all at once. Some days it feels like our whole family is on a giant emotional roller coaster.

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What makes a great Dad?

There are so many great Dads out there, and they are the heroes of their families. We are grateful for them. Michael and I were both very blessed to grow up in homes with wonderful Dads. This has been a life-long gift to us.

Today I wanted to share a few things Michael does for our family that makes him such a wonderful Dad. I bet a lot of you will relate to this list, and recognize many great dads who have shown us these qualities.

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a little parenting advice from a hundred years ago

It seems terribly unwise to say a word about parenting just now. I mean, any bystander observing what occurs on the way to and from church each week would see that I might need my head examined.

My usual disclaimer, of course, still stands: There is not a single perfect person living here. I continue to be aware of this, from morning till night.

For the past several months, I have spent an enormous amount of each day training children to obey, listen, and be kind. I have respect for all of you out there doing this every day! It’s so difficult!!! Especially when we’re trying to replace some very BAD habits, and not just creating new ones.

But there is good news: persistence brings results!

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