The Dutch Rush

They're Dutch and Life's a Rush

People warned me about foster care.

They told me the horror stories, they told me not to fall in love with the babies.

It turns out that they were right.

The world of foster care is a rough place, and I wouldn’t try to convince anyone otherwise.

It’s painful. There is the reality that these children might come and go very quickly.

And it hurts when they go away again.

It feels like your heart just broke into a million pieces.

But the babies are out there. And they need loving.

Whole families are out there. And they need loving.

The world is crushed by our fierce protection of ourselves, our freedom, and our hearts.

The world craves our love.

This summer I had the opportunity to fall madly in love with the baby.

And my heart got broken.

If we do this for Jesus, it turns out that He will be there to pick up the pieces of our broken hearts when the baby goes back.

So I say go all in.

Love the baby. Love the children.

We won’t regret it in the end.

If it pleased God to create these precious little ones, the least we can do is love and serve them.

We can fiercely protect them or our hearts.

It appears that we can’t do both.

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