The Dutch Rush

They're Dutch and Life's a Rush

I hope all of you mothers have a wonderful weekend! This post is very similar to the Valentine’s Day post, with the proper adjustments, so this will be brief: We can’t forget that the way to have a wonderful Mother’s Day is to forget all about ourselves!

  What if we gave our families the gift of low expectations this Mother’s Day? I know, it probably sounds like a terrible idea. Why would we give them a gift? Isn’t it suppose to be all about us? You also might be thinking that if you lower expectations any further, they won’t even…(you fill …

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Was there ever a question that has caused more damage? I realize that many of us have difficult circumstances, and that it truly is hard to fulfill some of our responsibilities. We do become tired, and should take a break so we are refreshed to get back up and care for those God has called …

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