The Dutch Rush

They're Dutch and Life's a Rush

There are so many great Dads out there, and they are the heroes of their families. We are grateful for them. Michael and I were both very blessed to grow up in homes with wonderful Dads. This has been a life-long gift to us.

Today I wanted to share a few things Michael does for our family that makes him such a wonderful Dad. I bet a lot of you will relate to this list, and recognize many great dads who have shown us these qualities.

Michael shows us that life is to be all about serving and loving Jesus

There is no question or confusion about this. In our home decisions are made with that idea first in our minds. Michael leads the charge with this dedication and devotion to serving Jesus. This matters terribly, and affects all of life.

michael with Joel and Shalaya

Michael takes responsibility for us

He doesn’t leave the leading of our family to anyone else, Michael knows that he will answer to God for how he led (or didn’t lead) our family. He thinks of the future, and thoughtfully leads us.

Michael makes things fun for everyone

Yelling when we drive through tunnels? Taking kids for random, special trips to the creek? Taking just one kid out for ice cream? Sneaking up on a kid? Yep. All of that, and so much more. He makes life exciting, and surprising…something I just don’t think of very often.


Michael advocates for the kids when their Mom is having a “crazy” day

Everyone needs the voice of sanity and reason in their lives, right? Every kid wants someone to deal with a crazy mom some days. I won’t lie, I have days when everyone is REALLY glad we have a man around who isn’t afraid to talk me down off the crazy train. Whew, this takes an insane amount of courage, and we’re grateful for him. (I might be the most grateful of all, as his courage helps to create a loving home environment on days that if it were left to me…things would be decidedly unpleasant.)

Michael helps us realize that a lot of things are “no big deal”

This is one of our new phrases around the house, and wow, does it help everyone calm down. He has taught the kids to say this to each other when they’re arguing, and the mental decision to say “no big deal” can’t be taken lightly. It’s an act of our will, no matter how old we are!

Michael takes the hard jobs

If there’s a difficult job do be done, Michael takes it. He takes care of me  in so many ways. Recently one of these ways caused him considerable trouble, but there was no word of complaint.

Michael truly enjoys kids-of all ages

It makes such a difference in our home that Michael loves to hang out with our family and play and goof off with the kids. He hasn’t forgotten what it’s like to be a kid, and that makes him a LOT of fun to hang out with.

Michael is patient, yet firm

Children respect this. As a mom, I STRUGGLE with this. Often, I am patient, which can mean letting them off on what they were supposed to do, or I am firm (and forget to be patient). Michael somehow remembers to do both. Thank goodness for that. It sets a tone of respect in our family.

Michael shows the kids that he loves me first and forever

We all hear how kids need to know that their parents love each other. They soak it up. They giggle. Michael shows them this every day. He makes time for me above time with the kids, he teases me, and has fun with me too. The kids love it. I’m so grateful.

Thanks Michael, for showing our kids unconditional love, and serving our family so tirelessly! We love you.



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