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Unbelievably, it’s been a year since we had our “visit the judge day”. Normal families call it Adoption Day. I guess we’re not normal. A year ago, we had told the kids we were going to visit the Judge so that the four little ones would officially be part of our family. “Visit the Judge Day” stuck. 

june 1st family pic

I remember that day so well.

She said it was the happiest day of her life:


It is hard to explain the joy and heartache that were all mixed up in that day.



The year that has followed has been anything but easy. But it has been joyful. And bonding. Bonding in a loving, crazy, loud way that I wouldn’t have imagined.

The older a child is when they are adopted, I worried, the harder it would be to accept a new mom. Especially a flawed mom.

But day by precious day, I have witnessed God’s mercy in our home.

IMG_1253We have that ability to read each other’s faces, she and I. The good, the bad, and the ugly. It’s startling to know that when I look into her eyes, she knows what I’m thinking. Just like a daughter.

Today, after I had finished reading stories to everyone, she walked through the kitchen and said “Mom, thanks for being a mom. You’re a really good Mom”. I looked up at her and saw love and gratitude shining from her face. And while every day I experience the reality that being a good mom isn’t quite the same as being someone’s “real” mom, the love that we share together is still a pretty big deal.

That love makes all the rough moments we’ve had this year seem extremely worthwhile.

We’re pretty happy to be celebrating our first anniversary of “Visit the Judge Day”.



2 thoughts on “Visit the Judge Day

  1. Alicia Williams says:

    Mary, thank you for sharing! What a joy to be able to see a glimpse into your heart as a mom and into this one year anniversary you get to celebrate! Gotta love that Beuving Clan!

    1. Mary says:

      Thanks Alicia! Miss you 🙂

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