The Dutch Rush

They're Dutch and Life's a Rush

I’ve been going through drawers and boxes this week, trying to make more space in this little house. The things I’ve come across have brought up many memories. It’s hard to believe how fast life goes by.

photo (5)


While going through a drawer this morning, I realized something. One of my favorite things about Michael is the fact that he never gives up on me.

I was simultaneously chuckling and groaning today when I found this note.

Who knows how old it is, but he has deserved a lot more of them…



The fact that he won’t give up on trying to figure things out matters incredibly.

If I were Michael, I’d want to give up trying to understand me sometimes. There are days I am so difficult…that I blame all the difficulty on him!


That would make me want to throw up my hands and give up even trying to figure things out! But not Michael. He won’t quit. When things are emotional, or when I happen to have what Dr. Laura likes to call “mercurial mood swings”, the man is still right there, working things out with me.

This takes a special kind of courage and determination. He dares to keep fighting for rationality and a two-way understanding in our relationship. I think some men would decide it’s not worth the trouble. And that is why I think Michael is courageous. Because trying to help me understand that I am being difficult…can be scary!

But he keeps loving me, and trying to guide us to a place of mutual understanding. I really respect him for that. It takes guts.

That’s the kind of man who loves his wife like Christ loves the Church. And it’s one of my favorite things about him.

This has a special significance for all of the people in our congregation. When Michael preaches that a husband is supposed to live with his wife in an understanding manner, he means it. And he practices it. And that stinks sometimes. It stinks to preach things that you have to go and live out practically.

So I’m extra grateful today. And I thought I’d mention it.

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