The Dutch Rush

They're Dutch and Life's a Rush

These are days I’m pretty sure our family will never forget.

Adding four small children to our family (for however long they stay) has been life altering for sure! Because I am not able to share many details about these children on the blog, I’ll share a few words that have given me some encouragement.

So much craziness around here.

The thought that rises to the surface most often (and makes me laugh) :

Five sinners plus four sinners make NINE sinners.

So. You can imagine…

As usual, my books bring me a lot of comfort because I can think about the words while I’m working.

I can’t really explain how grateful I am to be reading The Gold Cord, by Amy Carmichael. It’s an incredible book. It reminds me of how I amount to nothing. It’s all about Jesus, and not in the least about me. That’s helpful to think about.

“There is always something more in your nature which He wills to mark with the Cross.”

-Amy Carmichael

ALL of the book For the Children’s Sake is amazing, but these are the words that go through my mind over and over…

“Look well at the child on your knee. In whatever condition you find him, look with reverence, We can only love and serve him and be his friend. We cannot own him. He is not ours.”

-Susan Schaeffer Macaulay, For the Children’s Sake

That last line gets me. “We cannot own him. He is not ours.”

“There was nothing lacking in the love we folded around the children, but we could not undo what had been done before they came to us…”

-Amy Carmichael, The Gold Cord

Little Men belongs in my hall of fame books for adults and children. I have read it slowly to my boys over the last year, and it was perfect timing, as you can see…

“‘I haven’t got any mother’, began Dan.

‘I thought you had now’, said Mrs. Jo, gently stroking the rough hair off the hot forehead.

‘You are no end good to me, and I can’t ever thank you enough, but it isn’t just the same, is it? ‘ And Dan looked up at her with a wistful, hungry look that went to her heart.

‘No, dear, it is not the same, and never can be.'”

-Louisa May Alcott, Little Men

Maybe this last one is the best.

“‘Children tie the mother’s feet’, the Tamils say, and  [it is said] ‘with the venture of faith there is need of self-discipline and effort’.

Babies are truly a venture of faith and, in India, at least, they tie the mother’s feet…

So we let our feet be tied for love of Him whose feet were pierced.

-Amy Carmichael, The Gold Cord

At some point, I can’t wait to share more about this crazy time. If you made it through the quotes, here’s a little bonus for you. You’ve got to love a man with a baby…

michael with the shorties


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