The Dutch Rush

They're Dutch and Life's a Rush

This is such a special time of year. It’s hard to believe that just a year ago, we were welcoming some very special people into our home. Into our life. It feels like they were always here.

They already “remember” last year, when we got out the baby Jesus, and the books, and the pretty decorations.

They love the thrill of knowing about a little place called Bethlehem.

I overheard a conversation last night:

“Did you know that when we die, we get to go to Heaven?!!”

“Well….who will be there?”

“JESUS!!! And I will be there, and [your brother] will be there, and there will be no more sadness, and we will be happy forever!!!”

I walked through the room at that moment, and a little person with shining eyes told me what I had already heard…and then whispered:

“Dad told me all about Heaven, and then we listened to the Christmas songs together, so I told my brother about it!”

Is there anything more important at Christmas than to think about the joy of Jesus? And Heaven?

I think not.

A few months ago, as I was tucking one of them into bed, I came face to face with some very serious little eyes. Then I heard words I will remember forever:

“Can you believe I had never heard about God before I came here?”

Those words broke me. I cry almost every time I think of it.

No. I can’t believe it. I can’t believe that there are so many children out there who have never heard about God, who are waiting, waiting to hear of Him. I can’t believe I am so blessed to be here, and to tell you about God.

For that little soul, the knowledge of God has changed everything. There is now Someone to give credit for the creation of trees…of flowers…of butterflies.

There is Someone who created this Earth.

There is Someone who knows how we feel, and who we can pray to.

There is Someone who can forgive sin.

There is Someone who takes the chaos and confusion of life, and gives us some stability…

If we will trust. With the faith of a child.

This is a phrase I hear throughout the day: “because God made it that way”.

I smile.

“Why does your ear look funny?”


“Why do you stink?”


Of course, I won’t tell you that the knowledge of God and Heaven has been without incident. Such as the time I was warning them of danger, that they might die if they were to do a certain thing…

And they said “but MOM, we’ll be in Heaven then, and we won’t be sad about anything anymore!”

What could I say?

I said…”Too bad, you have to wait for Heaven. Don’t crack your head open.”

Yeah, I’m kind of heartless about Heaven via cracked heads…

One thought on “It feels like they were always here

  1. Sue Hull says:

    Tear jerker.
    Blessings abound!!

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