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Calling Mom crazy is one of the great joys in my family’s life. They really get a kick out of it. Michael even taught the baby. She doesn’t say that many words yet, but she does say “Mom’s Crazy!” with great expression. She thinks she’s hilarious.

But despite being crazy, I was able to read several books this year, and here is my list to prove it! (One of my favorite bloggers does this every year, and it always seems like fun, until I sit down to try to remember what I read. Ahem. This is the most complete list I could think of. There may be a straggler or two…) 

Even though it was a nutty year at my house, I made my way through quite a few good books. I blogged awhile back on my Charlotte Mason blog about how and why I make reading a part of my day.

This list doesn’t include my Bible and devotional books, Charlotte Mason’s volumes that I study all year, as well as what I read with my children during school.

Here we go…

*The Gold Cord by Amy Carmichael (Favorite book of the year-I’ve read it over and over. So helpful for self-forgetfulness.)

* Surprised by Joy by C.S. Lewis (I loved this book, sad, but important.)

*The Wife Desired by Leo Kinsella (I read this with a buddy this year. What a book. One of the best on marriage.)

*Home Education by Charlotte Mason (If you’re a parent, this is such an important book. No matter how you choose to educate your child, this book is gold for parents.)

*That Hideous Strength by C.S. Lewis (This was hard to put down. And scary. Wow.)

*Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

*Consider This by Karen Glass

*The Scent of Water by Elizabeth Goudge (This was a re-read, but I loved it so much all over again. Just what I needed to read. I love her way of showing us the joy of nature. And as a bonus, her love of Shakespeare is woven into each of her books!)

*Babywise II by Ezzo and Bucknam (A re-read, as I’m raising very small children again. Just as good as I remembered.)

*Childwise by Ezzo and Bucknam (Another re-read. This is such a helpful book in toddler/small child training. I think I tell most moms about this book. Very down to earth ideas on how to care about the person of the child, and proactively train them into good habits. As a side note, this book could help if you are currently being terrorized by your children.)

*The Dean’s Watch by Elizabeth Goudge (This book is worth your time. It’s also worth getting past the first two chapters. Amazing.)

*Island Magic by Elizabeth Goudge (Not my favorite of her books, but very insightful into the feelings of a child.)

*His Thoughts Said, His Father Said by Amy Carmichael (This is a VERY unique little book. So much encouragement to me. This is one of my all-time favorite books. Ever.)

*Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, His Life by Peare (This guy is one of my favorite poets.)

*God’s Missionary by Amy Carmichael (Only six tiny chapters. Painful for Christians. Worth it. )

*Gentian Hill by Elizabeth Goudge (Very interesting insight into the thoughts of an adopted child. Good timing. Also, deals with our attitudes toward the hurt and broken. I learned so much from this book – how the English used to celebrate Christmas, as well as a surprisingly helpful historical story of the French Revolution!)

*At BBC Corner I Remember Amy Carmichael by Margaret Wilkinson

*Amy Carmichael of Dohnavur by Frank Houghten (This is the biography on Amy that you want to read…I loved this book, and after reading as many of her books as I have this year, I felt it was true to her life.)

*Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret by Dr. Howard Taylor and Geraldine Taylor (This was my second favorite book this year. I can’t describe this book. It’s too incredible. It’s written by Hudson’s son Howard, which is amazing to me when I read about his life. (Such as God’s goodness in keeping Howard from becoming bitter with his father over his childhood and the loss of his mother and several siblings due to the grueling work of the China Inland Mission.) Also the co-author (Howard’s Wife) was a mentor to Amy Carmichael-so fun to have my books connecting this year! )

*The Magician’s Nephew by C.S. Lewis (Oh my. We listened to this audio-book on our very long trip to Washington this Christmas. So thought-provoking.)

*Fascinating Womanhood by Helen Andelin (I read this book on a continuous loop. My favorite book to help with being a better wife. It’s strange, and not what you’d want to hear. No, I won’t argue and defend it. You’ll have to read it for yourself.)

*Hannah Fowler by Giles (This is also a re-read. Amazing book about being a strong woman, and living submissively with a man, and what that can look like. Also, it is historical fiction about the settling of Kentucky. I first read about it here. I think you’ll see why it’s a re-read.)

*The Tapestry by Edith Schaeffer (Another book I read on a loop. It encourages me to remember that I can’t see what God is doing, and to trust Him. This one is a difficult read, but I’m encouraged to continue trusting God every time I read it.)

*For the Children’s Sake by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay (Parents! You’ll want to read this book. I will be slowly blogging my way through this one, I feel it’s that important!)

This quote makes me giggle every time I read it. I thought I’d leave you with this:

“People are naturally divided into those who read and think and those who do not read or think…”

-Charlotte Mason

Blessings on your 2017, and have fun reading and thinking!

3 thoughts on “Crazy Mary’s 2016 Booklist

  1. Dear Mary,
    What a rich list of titles! Gold Cord was amazing, I agree. Hard to fathom. Hannah Fowler is new to me, so I might pick that one up (and start reading her blog!). Have you read The Tall Woman?

    Thanks for sharing your inspiring list!
    Happy New Year,

    1. Mary says:

      Thank you, Nancy!

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